Safety and Security Is Not An Option

About Us

Both Valerie and Raimond have a combined total of 36 years of law enforcement experience, and are currently certified to provide instruction in the following areas: Firearms, Active Shooter, and Tactical Medicine at their police departments.

They both hold the following certifications:

  • State of Illinois Law Enforcements Training and Standards Board Firearms Instructor,
  • Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations Firearms Instructor,
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.
    • Raimond and Valerie are certified in the following disciplines: Certified Security Assessment Specialist (American Crime Prevention Institute)
      • Certified Stop the Bleed Instructor (American College of Surgeons) In addition, Raimond has the following certifications:
        ALICE Instructor (Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate) Certified School Resource Officer
      • He has given dozens of presentations on the topics of safety and active threats to Houses of Worship, School Staff, Day Care Centers, Park Districts Employees, and Libraries.
      • Workplace Violence Assessment & Response
      • Raimond is a former Chicago Public School Teacher

Valerie is a certified CRASE instructor (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events).

They have received training in the principles of CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design).


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