Safety and Security Is Not An Option

Safety & Security

We provide the following services: Site Assessment, Active Threat Management/Work Place Violence, Stop The Bleed training for all appropriate staff.

Comprehensive and reliable data: The Violence Project

School Safety

When Active Threats penetrate the halls of education and learning, what should we do?

10 Key Findings Protecting Americans Schools (PDF)

We can’t afford to think: “It won’t happen here”

Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship, by their purpose of existence, are natural and open spaces. Traditionally, places of reverence and respect. However, in recent years they have been the target of mass shootings. Learn how to acquire and maintain a posture of Awareness and solid security:

Resources to Protect Your House of Worship What has been learned from the past and what we know now about Prevention (PDF)

We work with all faiths and denominations.

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